Would the Handtracker work with another adapter

Hello, I noticed that a company called Mouser, they are local to me. They have the Ultraleap hand tracker, as well as the HMD adapter.

Could I use this setup on my Pimax 8KX? It is also cheaper than the Pimax set. Just curious if it would work with Pimax.

Here’s the link. https://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine?Ntk=P_MarCom&Ntt=113531155


EDIT: Well just found out that the North america support has been shut down. Everything is in China again. Way to go Pimax!!! Keep up the great work…not!

EDIT 2: Screw It! Ordered the thing. Will let you know how it works. The only difference is the adapter for the headset. Will see if I can mount it OK to the Pimax…fingers crossed!

I wouldn’t recommend the version on mouser. The pimax version is specifically designed for our headsets and has both electrical and housing changes.

I imagine the hassle will be considerable using the generic version.

Thanks Kevin. I ordered it anyway. Should have by Wed. If I get it to work…cool. If not,I can get a refund. with purchase price and shipping…still less than Pimax. Plus, no telling when you guys will release the Pimax version, not a backer… So, I thought I would give it a try anyway.

Also, really disappointed that you shut down the US support center.

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FYI: We’ve been shipping the custom hand tracking modules for a couple weeks.

We have 700 units coming this week. Likely enough to open the store up again.

Here’s the link for future reference: https://www.pimax.com/products/hand-tracking-module

Yep, already been there Kevin. Saw the coming soon. Based on my past experience with coming soon from Pimax, I wanted to do something. I have requested an email when available.

If I can purchase one soon, I certainly will do that. If this works, at least I have something, until you do get them in stock for shipping. I can get a refund from Mouser, so not too worried. Unless it will take months for the 700 units to arriive…“this week”

Thanks again for the info.

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the only downside is probably that you’ll have to figure out your own mounting and suposedly the pimax version should have an extra wide tracking area but i’m not sure if that’s actually a real thing since i don’t recall seeing them hyping it up lately.

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OK PimaxUSA. I cancelled that order. Hopefully the 700 will be available as you said.

The tracking on this version is actually considerably wider than the fov of the headset itself. It can also detect hand motions closer to the sensor than before.

Hey thats awesome PimaxUSA…lets getem in the store so I can purchase one

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that is cool, i’m looking forward to seeing my ks version shipped then.

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There are some folks already using the Original Leap motion v1. In theory you should be able to use other Ultra Leap hand trackers.

I would ask og Leap owners here how they have it setup & what precautions they recommend if needed.

That one looks like it might be a re release of the v1 judging by formfactor. If so this is why it is cheaper.

The US support center is on the West coast now.

I can confirm this as I received my module along with my 8KX (and sleeve) Yesterday… :wink:

EDIT: Pics or it didn’t happen… :wink:


Just need to see more backers receiving it. :thinking::+1::sparkles:


I told them to hold out on shipping the headset until it was ready so maybe that’s why I received it early? :upside_down_face:

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Possibly Hard to say with Pimax. Though it makes sense yo save on shipping charges.

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As there just seem to be a handful of backers that received their HT, can you share some experience that you‘ve made so far?
Have you tried it on a 8k/5k+ as well?
If so, do you think it works as good as with the 8kX? (in terms of performance due to the usb variances)
Is the HT configurable or just for games/apps that explicitly support it?
e.g. for a boxing game + basic gestures for menus


To be honest I only used it for a few minutes on the X as the eye tracking module seemed more interesting and the usage of it is limited… :wink:

Nope. I guess I can give it a go in Pimax Experience.

The game/app has to support it AFAIK. It installs Leap Motion software so You can Google what’s supported with that (not much).


@noro: Just wanted to let You know that I haven’t forgotten about You… :wink: Testing the hand tracking module is on my ToDo list (and a whole lot closer now that I have room-scale working with extension cables)… :wink:


Nice, thx!!
Keep me updated on your extension cables as well if you find the time.
I did a 10m extension for my OD+ and It has been quite a ride…
After testing literally loads of usb/hmdi cables + repeaters and drivers for a usb 3.1 pcie card, I finally succeed though. (posts should be somewhere buried in this forum)
But when my G2 arrives I‘ll need to go for displayport…and as I also tried many cables to get my 4k screen on above 60Hz. Also here getting a 2m cable was some serious try and error. so any suggestions for good displayport cables are appreciated :slight_smile: