Would you recommend Pimax to your friends and family in 2020?

If so why?

If not what do they need to do to earn that trust?


no because VR is an investement that is far not worth the spending.
it is like asking somebody to try cocaine because it is great.
but i would recommend anybody to try it for free.

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Yes , because the best fov and great res ( 8k x modell ).


Yes, but so far it will be with a few caveats… :wink:

  • It’s not plug-n-play, yet (if ever) so if You want something that just works, buy an Index or a Quest (depends what You’re looking for and if You have a capable PC or not)
  • Don’t pre-order unless You’re prepared to wait indefinitely
  • Don’t buy the old black case versions

They don’t need to earn my trust.


the question was not vr, but pimax. You can answer all your questions if you only read the headings of the topics. I say no because pimax and its products are not accessible. there is no support just emails sometime.


VR or cocaine…? :rofl:


it is up to you for the one that came first…


No , not for a beginner into VR
Too much hassle with settings.
Customer support is bad.


Depend on the friend, if he/she is good with tinkering yes, if not then no. But then am not sure i would recommend any for you need to thinker with index, htc and oculus headsets to.


Only with guaranty warning! Do not offer directly from China but EU. And be aware with very difficult customer service and quality problems. If everything is OK then yes. Its a wonderful piece of technic!


i woud advice them to get the valve index.
Easy to setup,and a great picture quality.

Primax Needs alot off tweaking with there software…
Its only for real enthousiasts Who dont mind That… also You have a chance That You cant get the picture richt,and that you will have eyestrain


Nope. I will only recommend Quest. Pimax is for enthusiasts, not beginners.


Pimax has a lot of growing up to do before recommendations are a thing.


I personally use the index cause it’s still the best headset imho so if only for that, I wouldn’t recommend a pimax. Maybe the 8k x will change that. I hope so because after the star vr I am bored with my index.

Other than that I would only recommend a pimax if FoV is of utmost importance, people are computer skilled, tech savy, no vr newbies, at least have a 2080ti (I know some disagree) and are willing to risk to have to go through the pimax guarantee process and get insulted by pimax staff on the forums


Definitely not. Having a good device is not enough these days; a company needs to be reactive. Had i known i’d have to wait over 8 months to get a preordered item, i would have never parted with this much money.
Last time for me, waiting for my X and never again


I just ordered an index because the pimax 8k X isnt available. I got a pimax xr but wanted to try something new with high refresh rate and less sde than the xr. I hope ghosting and small fov and lcd wont kill the experience :smiley:

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I shouldn’t have too.
These are enthusiasts VR HMDS and any enthusiast would already know anything on Pimax and decide themselves whether they’d want to invest.
I could eventually detail my own perception or have m them try mines for them to make their mind.

Other people I cross won’t have a clue on what Pimax is nor the devices involved will be at reach of hand for them, ( I mean in term of store reachability, or in term of intended costs/ROI)
Theses will first rather go to Sony, Oculus or for hardcore gamers, Valve.
Then maybe the hyped ones shall become enthusiasts.


Ipd 74mm user here, pimax for me is currently the best option. People with big ipd should consider Pimaxes.


basically, if you have a VR setup (and more particularly a PIMAX that is one of the best for the wow effect) you would not recommend to friends and family to purchase one, you would free demo around a pizza weekend.


I wouldn’t recommend Pimax for several reasons.

The lenses in the latest headsets are the same as those found in the 5k+.

Pimax sell an Ultra Wide headset but recommend you don’t use the Ultra Wide setting.

Pimax has yet to honour their last Kickstarter and supply promised stretch goals over two years later.

Pimax promised eye tracking as a stretch goal but then changed the deal to one eye tracker not a pair making the other pointless.

Pimax makes and breaks deadlines on a weekly basis.

Pimax don’t listen to criticism. They attack people who question their products or business methods.

Pimax don’t learn from past mistakes and still come across as an armature company despite being in business for several years.

Until Pimax can upgrade their lenses, launch a product on time with good reviews and supply all backers their promised stretch goals I will no be recommending this company to anyone.