Wow!Max brightness extended to 160 with the new steam update with the valve index

Wow this is a big difference,i tried it.
The strange thing is when you do this in the big cinema app,the blacks look blacker???
The pupils seem to react to the different lightning in de cinema.

Can the pimax 8kx also can go brighter? @SweViver


Yes - as long as there is other bright stuff in view, your pupils will contract.
It’s when the whole thing is dark, that the backlight glow becomes painfully apparent. :7


To understand why the blacks look blacker, check out bias lighting explanations for televisions and monitors. The blacks on my 65” lcd tv were gray until I added bias lighting and suddenly black is BLACK and colors pop. A $30 addition to my tv and it feels like I added $1000 value to it.

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