Wow VoodooDE tested the starvr one and he is blown away by it!

wow VoodooDE tested the starvr one and he is blown away by it!

his video is on youtube now…

now i want to sell my pimax8k and get the starvr one!!!

Here it is :


You could have posted the link:

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, going to check it now, really interested to find out what he says


Hehe I just love how the Acer rep laughs that Pimax is ‘only’ 170 fov and StarVR is 210, LOL


Sorry i forgot,now its in there


So the good news is that it will be available for consumers!! I was slightly worried that they would restrict selling it. No price info yet though, probably won’t be cheap …

  • He says he really likes the comfort
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Less SDE than Vive Pro !!
  • AMOLED Colours better than LCD (logically)
  • He loves the display panels
  • He’s extremely happy with the lenses!! FoV is extremely high
  • No godray’s visible!!!
  • Sweet spot is great!
  • No distortion whatsoever!!!
    (20 minutes in his youtube video now, he can basically stop, take my money and shut up LOL!)
  • He says it’s just impossible to make better lenses than these
  • Flawless tracking
  • 2 usb-C cables. WIth SLI, one cable into 1st gfx card, 2nd cable in 2nd card, sounds interesting
  • In 10 minutes he didn’t notice any heat difference between this and Vive Pro, but only tested 10 minutes.
  • The HMD said he had IPD 62, while the optic expert said he had 60. Doesn’t know yet if it’s a measuring problem. He didnt notice any problems though
  • Cables can be detached for wireless use
  • He was really impressed by the foveated rendering, worked flawlessly without latency!
  • We’ll be able to buy and own it this year

Think the rep will let Real o Virtual test tool? :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Who knows. He obviously thinks the FoV is much bigger than the Pimax, so I guess that’s what’s the interesting part is

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Let’s turn off the Eye tracking’s dynamic distortion & see if the lenses are that good without it.

But yes unlike Xtal creators 3rd headset. It seems StarVR has done exceptionally well being this is only there 2nd released headset is awesome. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Well he makes it sound like this is just a near perfect HMD. He’s simply stunned, everything is so great, by far the best HMD he ever tried.

So that’s it, I’m going to buy this thing for sure. Well, only thing I still want to know is the IPD range. Any idea’s @VoodooDE or @mixedrealityTV ?

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Dynamic distortion correction is the key. A simple distortion profile is unlikely to work due to eyes looking through the lens at various angles & broader area of the lens.

This is definitely the way to go!

Can’t wait for a teardown review. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Pimax should have stated 170 degrees Horizontal from the start, because off course the competition will laugh.

150 degrees would have given Pimax a PPD bump, and at lower FOV, the lenses wouldn’t have distortion issues.

Im glad StarVR One is awesome, but I bet it will be more expensive.

@Heliosurge is right about dynamic dostortion correction.

You dont need eye tracking for that either. Just more than one viewports rendered per eye.


Most definitely will be expensive. Pimax 8k will be the poor man’s wide FoV HMD, it seems that’s going to be really their ONLY competitive advange, their price.

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Not if they can implement a higher native resolution then 1440p and sacrifice a few fps.

They already said they’re not going to redesign the lenses. Sure they might still do that later on and who knows, it’s also possible that it’s actually more than 50% panel usage. It’s possible that errors have been made while testing … Yet I’m not counting too much on that

VoodooDe thinks that the HMD might cost more than 3000 EUR though, in which case it will fall out of range for a lot of gamers I guess …


If @VoodooDE doesnt want to keep testing, I would be happy to test it. Lol

I know they wont change the lenses at this point, but as I have said, it doesnt matter. Folks can do that on their own.

A higher resolution at 60hz on the 8k is software. That they can do.

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Oh man guys… Didn’t notice that you already talking about my video xD
Yes the StarVR is very very awesome, but there is only one problem…
The price… I think it will be three or four times the price of the Pimax 8K so it’s hard to compare :slight_smile:


But the key thing is it works petfectly. Hard to put a price on that:) You could easily spend €3000 on a good projector or OLED tv. I’ll start saving :+1:


Very good video my friend.


That‘s the point, I am afraid. If the poor man‘s choice is what 99,9% of the gamers are able/willing to sacrifice for a headset (knowing that it will only last 2-3 years until something even better lurks on the shelves), it is great to exist for the chosen few who don‘t have to worry about the price tag, but will not really compete with those who fall within the accepted enthusiasts price range. Possibly 5 years from now we will be used to paying substantially more for our adventures to the virtual worlds, because the technology takes off and you have all sorts of great but expensive options and it is a commodity people accept to pay more for, but we are not there yet, are we.

However, the point which they made fun of Pimax about is actually one of the two correlating points I am not excited about with this headset:
„FoV is extremely high“

With their resolution, I actually wouldn‘t want this excessive FoV, if I had the choice. With the expected price tag I don‘t have to consider it anyhow, but if it were available for say 1,500, I would struggle. But of course it would be best just to have the chance to try it out.

One important positive point you forgot to mention is the full compatibility with SteamVR.