WTB a used Pimax Headset!

Does anyone have a Pimax Artisan or another variant they are willing to let go? If so let me know… not sure if I want to wait out the G2 shipment time.


I can see lately more used pimaxes 5k+ and 8k on market. 350eur or more. Sometimes with BS and controllers, for more then fair price.
No p-artisans.

I can’t seem to find the market on here but I did update my title.

I have a 5k+ going for sale soon, only used to test and make sure it all works, come with the KDmas+ VR Comfort Kit+ two foam face pads+ silicon cover.

I’m trying to sell my old 8K right now, locally (Australia).
I don’t know where you are though.

what is your asking price?

I am in the US and forgot to post that in the topic, thank you

Sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

Hi Murderburger,

Hope you can find a used Pimax Headset soon.
If you have any problems in the future, please feel free to contact us for help.


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