X-Plane 11.52 without parallel projection


While waiting for my 8kx to be RMA’d, I played with my trusty 5k+ in MSFS. Accidentally I found that I can run XP11.52 WITHOUT parallel projection!
This procedure was meant to remove the artifacts on the extreme ends of the screens when running MSFS without parallel projection as well.

Here is how:

First, make sure you have SteamVR imported to “My Games” in Pitool!

Start your computer with your Pimax headset plugged in. If the headset starts and shows the pink LED (parallel projection enabled), then make sure that there is no checkmark at “Compatible with parallel projections”. Remove the checkmark, click „Apply“ and „Save“, and restart your computer. (NOT SteamVR !)

Once the headset displays the green LED, you are good to continue.

Now start SteamVR from “My Games” in Pitool.

After SteamVR has been started you can launch X-Plane from the icon on your desktop.

This is what I get in XP11.52 in Vulkan at Digital Design’s LOWS in my 5k+ with a GTX 1080 TI:

Hope this helps,



How many more frames do you get comparing to PP?

Good point!
I had not checked the difference between PP on and PP off until now. To my big surprise, I found the fps to be exactly the same!

However I still launch my simulators this way!

Sorry for any inconvenience!

I believe this was brought up sometime ago in the MSFS thread and if I’m not mistaken if you start from there your actually loading a profile with PP enabled it just doesn’t reflect in pitool.

Hopefully that can be fixed as it can definitely create confusion.

So out of curiosity I launched SteamVR from my desktop icon with parallel projection enabled.
This is what I got with all other settings being equal: