Xtal 3 review by voodooDE


Nice! They are about to be shipped out soon, hopefully next week
They’re shipping without inside out tracking but with a Tundra tracker instead. Not really a problem for me although I hope the tundra doesn’t add much weight. It’s only 45 grams but the xtal is already heavier than I like so any extra weight is not very welcome.

Will post a review here when I get mine, of course.


How much are they?

I think I paid 10k. It’s obviously not aimed at gamers but if you have the money to spare, it should be the best you can buy. Really looking forward to find out if it indeed has no distortion and is as sharp as the varjo.


What I love so much about the aero is that I can play with it for hours and when I take the headset off, my eyes feel completely relaxed. I have never had that before with any other headset, not even with the index. Really hoping it’s the same with the xtal


So they told me they would ship my headset out wednesday. Haven’t received any update at all and now they’re not replying to my emails anymore. I’m really THIS close to cancelling the whole thing, really getting fed up with them. I think I’ll wait till end of this month, if they don’t ship it out then I’m done with it and cancel the whole deal. Damn, this really feels like pimax all over again. Delay after delay and now no more response anymore via email, about a $10.000 headset… Really really bad.

You purchased one?

I did. But I’ve just cancelled it. They’ve just told me that they’re now facing a multi month delay! So we’re looking at least at october/november I guess.

So I’ve cancelled for now and I’ll wait till they have units for sale. I’ll then see how the competition is doing (still hoping for a great new headset from Valve this year!) and will then decide if I’ll put my order back in or not. Most likely not. Actually I’m pretty happy with my Aero, just would like some more FoV (and a bit less distortion)

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Gutted to hear, was hoping to piggyback on your experience with the Xtal 3 as I’m itchting for an upgrade on my VR-3.

It’s great to see these innovations. It will be even better when there’s some form of it we can reasonably get at home! It seems like human-computer (brain) interfaces should be able to simulate vestibular stimulation for the feeling of movement and balance long before we’ll end up with “injected” hearing and vision stimuli. Cool to think about anyway.

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Good news for you (and me, lol). VRgineers mailed me today that they have an xtal 3 ready and if I still wanted it. So just paid for the unit, hoping they’ll ship it out tomorrow!

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Is that what has to be done? Maybe I need to give yaw2 a pink slip too.

Really excited to hear what you think once you get it!


Will surely let you know! It just shipped, hoping to have it end of next week